Sooo…what’d you think?

From a first-time visitor…”For two weekends in a row, I brought plenty of reading material to keep me company while at The Dip, and for two weekends in a row I didn’t need it. There were always plenty of friendly people to talk and laugh with. The same can’t be said of other nearby resorts I visited. LOVE the staff and the regulars! And the amenities – the rental cabins are the BEST – clean, cozy, and charming. Perfect for couples!” — Jim S

My wife was very pleased and kept commenting, “I like this…” …We felt – “we’ve found home!” – David C – (ENTIRE REVIEW)

“I feel relaxed and refreshed. I like the “more the merrier” and “join the family” feel. Our timeshare could learn a few things here!” – Steve & Susan

“Now I see the funny side. Now I’m always laughing!” – The Joker

“The people…make you feel welcome and care about you.” – John & Cindy

“They take care to make you feel welcome and have a great time.” – Tom & Cathy

“You suck!” – Snidely Whiplash

“Always a safe and welcoming place for our daughter…a no-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.”  – R & Diana

All involved are fantastic…love the activities, games, and prizes. The cabins are really clean.” – Mike & Gay


“An excellent question. And one which will be hanging on the lips of the world quite soon. If I were to break the news to anyone it would be to you first, you know that.” – Ernst Stavro Blofeld

“Been to two others in Florida. Yours is awesome!” – Tom & Denise

“Change nothing, especially the friendly people!” – Danny & Pam


“Hated it. Every minute of it. These people are freakin’ crazy. And there’s not enough Beatles tunes in the karaoke catalog.” – Charlie M

“The friendliness…rocks. Everything is so spotless clean. The overall atmosphere is so relaxing here.” – Donnie T

“You need to move the park closer to Mississippi!” – Jim & Peggy


“Moronic. Expect nothing more sophisticated from this bunch of dunderheads than a damnable determination to break rules and cross lines…cannot Apparate half an inch across a room. Ten points from Gryffindor!” – Severus Snape

“Rentals are among the best we have seen at any club.” – John K

download (2)“All work and no play yada yada yada…” – Jack T

“Our cup runneth over with the great time and sincerely friendly people, the friendliest folks we’ve ever had the good fortune of meeting. We’ve already recommended it to our daughter. Our stay at Serendipity was one of the nicest, most restful and healing visits we’ve ever had at any nudist resort. We really enjoyed your dance Saturday night and all the nice people. Will return ASAP. Thanks bunches!” – Bob & Flora

“Serendipity is the only place between VA and FL I would recommend. It’s our go-to place to de-stress and have a fun, relaxing time. Staff/management is the best, the amenities – couldn’t want for more, and the accommodations are first class. If we could delete some of the geography between there and the Midlands of SC, we would definitely be there more often.” – Cheri Alexander

72551-hanniballecter2“Tasted like chicken.” – Hannibal L